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   Brass Brake Line Fittings    Parts Plus Oil and Air Filters    Dorman Wheel Studs & Nuts
   Cardone Master Cylinders    Parts Plus Fuel Filters    Tire Valve Stems-Bulk
   Centric Brake Hardware    Wix Filters    Plombco Wheel Weights
   Centric Brake Pads and Shoes    
   Centric Hydraulic Brake Components Ignition, Electrical, Emissions Appearance & Chemical Products
   Centric Premium E-Brake Shoes    Airtex Ignition and Emission Parts    Auto Armor Professional Detailing Supplies
   Centric Professional Grade Rotors    Cardone Wiper Motors    Bars Leak
   Dorman Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits    Con-Rel Starters & Alternators    Berkebile Chemicals
   NewTek Brake Pads & Shoes    Deka Batteries (Auto-Fleet-Sport-Marine)    CRC Products
   Parts Plus Brake Rotors and Drums    Deka Primary Wire 100ft Rolls asstd colors    Cyclo Full Line Automotive Aerosols
   Powerstop Friction    Denso Ignition Wire Sets    Diesel Exhaust Fluid
   Rolled and Straight Steel Brake Tubing    Denso O2 Sensors    Dynatex RTV's and Sealants
   UCX Friction Ready Brake Calipers    Dorman Various Sensors and EVAP    Gojo Hand Cleaners
     Qik Cable Ties Clear & Black    PB Blaster Chemicals
Cooling System    Qik Solderless Wire Terminals    RecoChem Antifreeze Coolants
   ASC-New Water Pumps      RV Antifreeze (Seasonal)
   Bando OE Serpentine Belts Spark Plugs    Washer Solvent Fluids - Winter Chemicals
   Gates Hose, Belts, Tensioners    AC & Denso Spark Plugs
   Parts Plus Hose Clamps    Autolite & Champion Spark Plugs Lubricants and Greases
   Spectra Radiators and Heater Cores    NGK Spark Plugs    Johnsen Brake Fluids
   Stant T-stats      Johnsen Power Steering Fluids
   Thermoid Heater Hose Steering and Chassis    Lube Guard Products
   VDO Blower Motors    Cardone Power Steering Pumps    Lucas Oil Products
     Cardone Rack and Pinion Units    Mag 1 Grease
Drivetrain    Monroe Shocks, Struts, Mounts    Mobil 1 Synthetic Oils
   AMS New Clutch Kits    Moog Steering Components    Power Service Diesel Treatments
   CRS Hub Assemblies    Quick Steer Steering and Chassis    Shell Rotella Motor Oils
   DTA New CV Axles      Valvoline Motor Oil
   Moog Coil Springs Vision and Lighting    Wolfs Head Motor Oil & Greases
   SKF Bearings, Hub Assemblies, U-joints    Anco and Trico Wiper Blades  
   SKF Seals    Wagner Lighting Tools and Equipment
     Grote Lighting    ISN Tool & Equipment
Exhaust and Engine      Major Tool Brands Available (OTC ViseGrip…)
   Denso O2 Sensors Misc. Parts    Gas Cans - Drain Pans - Funnels
   Dorman Exhaust Manifolds    Dorman Products  
   Fel Pro Gaskets    GPD Air Conditioning Unique Lines Available in Penn Yan
   Nickson Muffler Clamps    Monroe Hood and Trunk Lift Supports    3M Autobody
   Spectra Oil Pans    Oil Absorbent Mats    Evercoat Body Fillers
   Walker Exhaust    Oil Dri Absorbent 40lb.    Mirka Abrasives
     Qik 2" Resurfacing Disks    Sherwin Williams Paint Products (Penn Yan)
Fuel System    Qik Brass Brake Fittings    Thinners Reducers
   Airtex Fuel Injectors    R134a Refrigerant    USC Body Fillers
   FMSI Fuel System Parts    Scott Paper Products  
   Gates Fuel Hose    Thermoid Air Hose For Stock Checks or Cataloging goto:
   Spectra Tanks, Senders, Fuel Modules
   Stant Fuel Caps   Call for a login and have 24 hour
   Thermoid Fuel and Injection Hose   access and ordering available.