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Con-Rel Auto Electric


Find the automotive starters, alternators, and generators, and other auto parts you're looking for at Con-Rel Auto Electric in Schenectady, New York. We manufacture foreign and domestic, auto and heavy-duty, starters, alternators, and generators.

Reasonable Prices

Made in the USA, we have many years of experience along with our quality parts and service. At Con-Rel Auto Electric it's a hands-on approach to what we do with great workmanship at reasonable prices.


Rebuilt starters are available for all types of cars. We service and sell starters for antique cars and older model cars as well as for any other piece of machinery. From lawn mowers, ATVs, and motorcycles to heavy-duty starters for forklifts and bulldozers, we have the starter you need.


Your alternator controls the electrical systems, maintains the battery voltage, and keeps the battery charged. The alternator replaces the power used by your vehicle. In manufacturing alternators, we go through all the worn parts and put in new bearings, regulator, and brushes that meet and exceed original manufacturer parts. We try to extend the life of the part and the alternators we offer are for light duty to heavy-duty usage.


Older versions of alternators are used to supply voltage to the battery and keeps the engine running.
Generators have all the same parts as an alternator with the addition of regulators. We replace all the worn parts to extend the life of the generators we sell.

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